About us

Hello and thank you for your interest in Sophedgy!  We want to help people around the world overcome poverty and oppression by promoting the purchase of Fair Trade products and ideology.  My interest in Fair Trade has evolved over the years with an increasing curiosity of how products are made.  There is such an excess of mass-produced products lacking quality and craftsmanship. Not to mention waste.  Fair Trade is the opposite of that.  Fair Trade is not mass-production.  Fair Trade means people who are trained at a skill. People rescued from human trafficking or modern slavery now able to start their lives over with that skill.  Fair Trade means fair wages and safe working conditions for the people that make or grow the products we love.  It enables people to support themselves, their families, and communities.  It means food, clean water, housing, education - basic necessities! Not to mention the pride that comes from being self-sufficient and financially independent.  So, thank you for visiting Sophedgy and thank you for your support of Fair Trade.  I hope you enjoy the global journey of beautiful hand-made products.