Yippee! Spring is Here!


          FINALLY! Time to breathe new life into, well, life! Everything comes alive - especially our spirits that succumbed to the dreaded winter doldrums. Spring breathes new life into our hearts and gives us a fresh perspective on everything! 

Perfect time to get a fresh perspective on fashion, too.This April marks the 5 year anniversary of the Rana Plaza Factory collapse and 5 years since the Fashion Revolution was born. 1,138 fast fashion garment workers making clothing for big global brands-mostly young women-were killed when the Rana Plaza Factory in Bangladesh collapsed.This tragedy sparked a movement of awareness for ethical fashion and new regulations by the ILO. This week ask yourself Who Made My Clothes? Who Made My Jewelry? Enlightenment at www.fashionrevolution.org.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again-most of us cannot and do not wear ethical or Fair Trade fashion from head to toe and that’s OK. But, we can educate ourselves about fast fashion and the impact it has on the people making it as well as the environment.  

For instance, need to accessorize that new LBD? Look for Fair Trade jewelry and accessories. Make a purchase with a purchase. Your hard-earned money is making a direct impact on the artisan who personally made your product. Here's a bonus-it tells a story. The story could be a beautiful necklace made of ethically sourced upcycled horn or bone handmade by a co-op of artisans in a small village in India who can earn a living wage out of poverty. Another story could be a lovely pair of earrings made in Thailand by a co-op of women who are building a brighter future for themselves and their children by learning a skilled trade and earning income and no longer at risk of falling victim to prostitution and sex trafficking.

Every Fair Trade product tells a similar story and you should tell it proudly when someone approaches you and says, “I love that! Where did you get it?”



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